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Stereotypical Anime Roles By Zodiac Sign.

  • Aries:

    The determined, optimistic and hot-headed protagonist.

  • Taurus:

    The big brother "sempai" protective sidekick.

  • Gemini:

    The laid-back comic relief pervert.

  • Cancer:

    The stoic, cold character with a tragic romantic history.

  • Leo:

    The boastful, egocentric antagonist with dramatic entrances/exits.

  • Virgo:

    The nervous, obsessive-compulsive character who looks great in glasses.

  • Libra:

    The single guy caught in a harem anime.

  • Scorpio:

    The outwardly playful companion with a secret, sinister agenda revealed in a dark plot twist.

  • Sagittarius:

    The loud-mouthed idiot from Osaka.

  • Capricorn:

    The intense kendo team captain.

  • Aquarius:

    The popular, yet emotionally detached school idol.

  • Pisces:

    The mysterious and shy character with psychic/telepathic abilities.


Anonymous asked:

Huh. So Avex gives away every ticket just through one round of applications? How is that there are so many BigEasts who go to so many different concerts? Do they all buy from resellers? Do they have multiple BE accounts? Do they rely on friends?

uhm.. i just said in my previous post that there were 3 rounds of lottery announced already, i never said it’s only 1 round of application. there will be few other rounds but they are probably not fanclub tickets. and then there will be general releases from each ticketing sites (that will be sold out in less than 10 seconds - not exaggerating).

and yes you just answered your own questions anon, those you mentioned are the ways to get extra tix


Anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know if all the tickets for next year's tour have already been distributed by avex? Like I remember the results for the first round of ticketing were announced this month, but will there be more rounds? Or are tickets only available through re-sellers now?

we will never know, but if we count all the ticket selling available there are already 3 rounds:

1. BE fanclub tix - announced

2. Seven eleven tix - announced

3. Yahoo premium tix - announced

that’s already 3 rounds lol. but for 2nd round BE lottery i’m not sure altho pretty sure they will open BE lottery for additional show, in which i’m positive will be announced sooner or later. but yes, for now tickets will only be available through reseller.

usually PIA ticket also have their own lottery but i’m not following them anymore since it’s useless cos we need japanese credit card to buy and i don’t have one, same goes to 7/11 and yahoo premium, so my chance are only the fanclub lottery~

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