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*it seems like Changmin just stated his idea to Sam-san and Sam-san was reviewing his idea 

CM: Yes. I gave an idea. Towards live shows I somewhat always think even until the smallest bit (details), so please don’t forget it (forget that Changmin had also have big concerns towards the live show). It’s not only Yunho that thinks about live performance. The 2 of you only talks to each other about a lot of things, I became lonely (feel outcasted)…. so please.

SAM-san: I took a note in my head already.

11:57 - 12:32

CM: Yunho has a huge interest in producing/directing shows, and he dances extremely well, so when the two of them started a conversation, to be honest it’s really hard to join in. I never meant to do this: but probably to other people it may seem like i didn’t involve myself proactively and it’s very frustrating for me (to be seen as someone like that).


YH: Back then, (Changmin’s) existence used to be like a brother, uhm, like someone i got married to, but now i think he’s more like my other self. In him I saw someone I admire. well he’s totally different from me, in terms of character and everything else. Recently, instead of saying that he’s a partner, i’d rather say that he’s a part of me (t/n: “jibun no mono” could mean “mine” but in the context of his speech it’s more like he’s saying that regarding changmin’s existence, instead of changmin being another person, it’s more like changmin is a part of yunho’s own self). and then, this is really hard to explain in words, but i do want to make him (his good points) mine, and I want it to be vice versa, changmin also make my good points his, so from the point of view of the everyone else, they could say “ah Tohoshinki is awesome, they have various characters”, not only cool character, but also humanly, like we do our best and reach our goals, I want to show it to everyone in that manner. So yes, i think Changmin is like my other self.

CM: In my eyes, I, a person named Changmin, in this state is still so far from enough (far from what he wants). It’s always that reflection that entered my eyes. But Yunho would do (a lot of) stuff for me, and help me as in he enabled me to go forward. whenever I start to think of why couldn’t i do this alone, it’s always feel really frustrating, but because the 2 of us could fill in each other’s gaps (weakness), and it’s because we can do this, a team called Tohoshinki are able to continue our activity until now. so i think from now and so on we will continue in the similar manner.



0:00 - YH: Really, i think it’s safe to say that i’m glad for being able to spend that time of living one’s dream that would pass within a blink of an eye with all of you.

1:35 - YH: I think right now Tohoshinki exist because we received the passion for everyone.

1:45 - CM: today also, of course, the fact that you are all here, is what i want to cherish the most.

2:38 - YH: becoming a Tohoshinki member and being able to meet all of you, I’M REALLY HAPPY.

3:18 - CM: I gained happiness thanks to all of you…

trans by: @boomjagalaka

As requested by anon!

A-NATION MC Translation PART 1

when i put ____ means I couldn’t catch that part. Due to sound quality i have more parts that i couldn’t catch compared to other vids i translated


YH: Today was really extremely hot wasn’t it?

CM: Everyone good evening, this is Changmin! It’s been about 2 months since Tohoshinki this year’s Live Tour. And the weather is getting more stable (t/n: couldn’t catch but i think he said the temperature is getting cooler?) but still, this stadium is super crazily hot!

YH: And also, until yesterday it was raining, but today it stopped so it feels nice! today also, should we we all become one and have fun!? I’m also nervous right now (doki-doki). Today please take care of us well.

CM: alright now, please listen to the next song

27:46 - 35:04

YH: Is everyone having fun??? This is

YH+CM: Tohoshinki.

*changmin was drinking water so his timing was bad

CM: Sorry, I thought you wanted to say (other) things, pardon me

YH: well…

CM: but… it’s extremely hot isn’t it?

YH: it is. and of course the power of the audience in this place is really hot (t/n: as in passionate) and it feels nice. but today Tohoshinki would like to do our best so that we wouldn’t to lose for everyone!

YH: I had my nose dripping in a moment there, sorry. Because it’s really hot, I… jacket…

CM: you want to take it off?

YH: Yes I want to take it off. Is it okay Changmin sensei?

CM: Go ahead. Naked would also be okay, wouldn’t it?

YH: ey, not until there. we shouldn’t go there. excuse me, I’ll be taking it off for a moment

*yunho trying to left stage but he went to the wrong direction

CM: Sensei, it’s not there, it’s the opposite side. before tonight i’ve said it for idk how many times already.

YH: This the charm of live show!

*drum roll

CM: hm, the drum was unnecessary. it’s unnecessary.

CM: well, right now a cool breeze is blowing but really, today everyone’s passion was amazing. yeay. And above that, yesterday, for Tohoshinki’s fanclub, bigeast, uhm, there’s this thing in which i believe all bigeast members have known already, some kind of “mission” thingy, they have it right? And so before tonight we took a video of it and it really, it rrreeeallly required physical activity. So before tonight we did an excessive …. *yunho appeared*

YH: Yes I understand. excuse me sensei _____, see you later

CM: It looks comfortably cool

YH: Yes it’s nice. Does tonight feels good?

*CM left stage while taking off his vest and all the audience were screaming because of it

YH: Please concentrate on Yunho!! Right now is my timing. Yunho time. Today is a-nation and of course Tohoshinki is giving our best, and also the other artists had given their best to perform good music for everyone, so i’m asking for your support. So now we would like to perform with higher tension!

*changmin appeared

YH: anyway changmin, i think today we have a very important announcement?

CM: We have

YH: We have?

CM: We have

YH: Why?

CM: not why, but what

YH: what is it?

CM: Tohoshinki

YH: Tohoshinki?

CM: *whispers

YH: just as he said!


CM: What could it be?

YH: Thanks to everyone, it’s decided that next year Tohoshinki will have a 5 Dome tour!!!!

CM: Nice isn’t it?

YH: Yes it’s nice. Everyone was surprised right? I was also surprised

CM: I heard that between the fans there’s a rumor that 2014 might be the last as in some had predicted that there can’t be one next year.

YH: yes it seems like it, but i’m not done here yet!

CM: and btw, we have 5 dome tour, right? do you remember where the 5 domes are?

YH: obviously! *he got tongue twisted while saying obviously* tokyo, osaka, sapporo, nagoya, nagoya, nagoya, fukuoka!

CM: It’s been a while since our last dome tour so we’re excited aren’t we?

YH: It was announced today and so we would like to do our best for this upcoming tour. Everyone please take care of us.

CM: so let’s go to the next song?

YH: Let’s do it. So starting from this next song, i want everyone to scream. Is everyone ready!? Everyone in the back ok?? can we g-go on with this kind  it’s because i feel happy today. And btw, because today we have a lot of other artists’s fans too, i’m thinking of showing tohoshinki’s charm.

CM: so, i don’t think we need ____ explanation. please listen to next song.

from translator: Asked my Japanese friend to help me translate the part where I couldn’t hear, but she still couldn’t understand what he said so not my fault lol.

I’m still in the venue right now and THEY’LL HAVE ANOTHER JAPAN TOUR AGAIN 2015!!! Which is pretty obvious since it’s their 10th anniv BUT STILL FEEL SUPER AHOWNDLDNKQNSLQNXLS WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED IT. I’m totally incoherent right now cos i’m super hyped up and hungry at the same time. Will write fanacc once i got home with full stomach. BUT YUNHO IS SUPER HOT WHY. Changmin sweat like he’s
giving birth to the point where i couldn’t see his face cos his sweat reflected the stage light and all i see was white. PETITION FOR THEM TO WEAR TANK TOP THE WHOLE TIME okay bye.

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