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dongbangshimki asked:

to the magazine anon: cdjapan usually carry most of their jp magazines. celga(.)com are very fast and very good as a shopping service for amazon jp. most magazines reach ebay, mainly the korean ones but it's worth having a look.

to the magazine anon, and all other people trying to find japan magz~ :D

VOGUE JAPAN October Issue Page 202


celebrating with Tohoshinki, a promise of bright future

for foreign artist, they have the record breaking achievement as the first to have Tokyo dome and Kyocera dome single show performance for 3 consecutive years and the fastest to gather 2,000,000 audiences. During the release of hat legendary stage compilation in form of DVD, they’ve also participate in VOGUE JAPAN’s 15th anniversary. They’ve also shared with us their hopes for the future.


Anonymous asked:

Could you please tell me where you order your magazine (for example Vogue) ? I live in Europe and it's pretty hard for me to find them T.T. Thank you for yours many translations ! =)

hey bb, I bought from magazine shop or amazon jp. since i live here idk how to get it from another country. so if anyone knows where to order japanese mags from overseas please help this sweet anon~

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