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I received a lot of questions about this. Truthfully, I haven’t watched “Triangle”. I was overseas most of the time so I didn’t have the chance to watch it in detail. But when I returned to the country, I watched it a bit and I liked seeing how (he) worked hard. I’m thankful that it will make a good impact on Night Watchman as well.

Yunho when asked about Jaejoong’s work in Triangle.

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Anonymous asked:

It's tags like this (#one of those reasons why I stayed in this fandom) that made me DD': about you possibly wanting to leave :( After all, rage over Changmin's face is to be expected and is perfectly normal and healthy ^^ So yeah, just tags every so often seeming to mention your wanting to leave :/

ahhhhh those tags… some of them are after I received annoying anon messages cos you know some people enjoyed drama so much that they want to drag you to their drama hell and there are messages in which I know I shouldn’t answer because I wouldn’t be able to respond nicely, and I do agree with the quote of if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all, and I want peace in this fandom. But ignoring means you have to keep it for yourself and it’s just frustrating sometimes of how stupid people can be. Also sometimes there are people betraying your trust and stuff and it just ruined your mood.

These things made me feel ugh, but then I see toho’s gifs,vids, pics and I was like, okay this is worth it :’) but then I see changmin’s face or that Ti Amo photobook, or that video with the cake and the hug and I was like NOOOO THIS IS NOT WORTH IT  D’: and then ran and hide from the world to ugly-sob in the dark. so yeah maybe those were what my tags meant lol

so don’t worry anon, those are just my temporary rage, I’m not that easy to get rid of. and thank you for worrying I’VE NEVER FELT SO LOVED D’: have a great day!

Changmin’s face just does things to people. It makes them crazy and we all hate to love him. This TI AMO Photobook kills me. If only it wasn’t so freakin’ expensive!!
bb, I approve your icon and everything you said in this ask let’s be friends.
Sorry for the random question, but do you know why Yunho and (especially) Changmin wear protective face masks so often during their concert rehearsals? Are they sick? Are others around them sick? Is it to protect them from some byproduct that comes from running through a concert? Thanks for always answering so many questions m(_ _)m


'Journal of the Night Watchmen' Official Drama Highlight

good luck to our dear Yun and all the drama staff!! and plz stick to this action/mystery and don’t dwell too much in the love triangles

kawaiipickle asked:

Ayyy, I have similar gastric problems myself, so I know what you are going through :<< I hope you'll feel better soon :**

awww mi bb, I know right! I ate sooo much that i probably scare men away but then i got hungry again fast. the fever is totally gone now, but now I’m having a sore throat -___-

anyways thank you so much bb :*** have a great week and eat on time!

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