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I know this is random but I just got home from skin care product shopping and it made feel like sharing some of the best products I currently use especially for those who have problematic skin like mine.


So, I use a lot of Korean product because I find that it suits my skin well.

My face skin has a sensitive (red-ish) combination type (oily in T-zone area and dry in some part) with light to medium acne prone tendency and it got worse after I moved to Tokyo because I just found out that water in Tokyo contains a lot of chemical and my skin just went crazy like all acne from hell just break loose the first time i got here, it caused me panic because it never happened before and so I tried a lot of products like Japanese Shiseido, because back in Jakarta I use Shiseido but apparently the Japanese Shiseido and the international Shiseido is very different and it made my skin got even worse. BUT thankfully after trying this and that I found the products that made my skin even better than before.

Face cleanser/ make up remover I use: A.C. Care Cleansing Tissue

I never trusted make up remover in tissue form but this product is different. it really cleanses and it didn’t cause any acne breakout at all but the thing is people know that this product is good and it got sold out really fast and that’s why I couldn’t find it anywhere the past 2 weeks and I need to buy another make up remover.

so now I’m using Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cleansing Cream 

I just bought it last week and it does its job well for both cleansing and moisturizing especially as the air gets drier and drier these days. it does not cause any acne breakout until now.

For facial wash I use EasyDew Pure Mild Cleansing Gel

I loveeee this facial wash. EasyDew product line is the best thing I found because it really help me reduce the redness, the acne, the acne scar, the oil etc. it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it, trust me. It contains EGF that stimulates cell growth so it’s good for reducing acne scar and impurities.

Face Toner: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Water Toner

It’s not expensive and it really suits combination skin. the smell is also very nice and most importantly it does not cause break out.

Now this is the best product of all…

EasyDew Active Soothing Serum.

it comes with a 30ml packaging which is very small and it’s used after toner. It’s about 70USD, a bit pricey especially considering the size but it makes people with my type of skin’s life way easier by not having to buy so many other products. it also contains EGF.

so after face washing, it’s just the toner and the serum and it balances the amount of oil on the face as in, in summer my face won’t be too oily and in cold days my face don’t feel dry and it really reduces the skin redness and acne scar. the bonus is it helps to tighten skin pores. I’m loving this product so much.

But only when it does get really really really dry, I apply a A.C. Care Bee’s Moist Lotion only at the dry part after the serum

For when I’m outside I always facial spray toner in case I feel like spraying stuff on my face to make it feel fresher and currently I use LUSH Tea Tree Water and I love it and it’s suitable for combination and acne prone skin.

But for people desperate looking for Acne problem solution, I really recommend the EasyDew product line because it actually helps and I swear I was not paid to make this review lol, but I know how much acne sucks and sharing is caring <3

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